1. komal kumawat

    Sir que no. 23 of series B… two or more singular subjects joined by “and” act as a plural compound subject.so the verb will be plural..that is “ARE”.but in answer key ..the ans is 2nd that is “IS”

    • komal kumawat

      Sry the ans is right because they are talking about the same person.the ans is correct in key.

  2. komal kumawat

    I want to send queries regarding incorrect answers of answer key.how do i send..someone plz tell me??


  3. Jab query maange tb bhejna abhi start nhi kiya h hcraj. nic. in

  4. hcraj keys

    rajasthan high court answer key ldc 2017
    jari ho gai h

  5. Monikagour

    159 in general catagARY 40 words pm speed kya chance h

    • Msd

      i got 161 in general and only in my home town i know 16 people who got marks above 180 so calculate it in state level so hope for the best but start typing because who knows what will be the cutoff.


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